Formal Requirements

Certificate of completion of Italian upper secondary school or equivalent foreign qualification. Possible assessment prior knowledge and competences. Obligatory selective/competitive entrance exam (numerus clausus).

Students who will be admitted to the course with a score lower than a pre-established threshold will be assigned additional training obligations (OFA) that will be fulfilled with the methods specified in the Teaching Regulations of the Degree Course (read the Rules

Registration and methods for participation in the admission test

All information can be found on the University's "Matricolandosi" website:

Generally the page with all instructions is published starting from June / July of each calendar year. It is therefore advisable to periodically check the page update. The contribution amounts for the competition fee and the test date are defined year by year. 

For information on the exam and for practicing

Information on the tests of the previous academic years are available at the link:

on which the questions and answers of the tests are published online. The procedures for the allocation of available places are also available.