Assessment is normally by means of an oral or written examination; in some cases there are intermediate exams during the course; other elements (participation in discussion, written or oral reports, commentary of texts etc. ) are foreseen in specific course units and are described in the Course Unit Profiles.

The grading system for the course units consists of 30 possible points, plus ‘lode’ (cum laude) in case of excellence. Marks are given by the lecturer based on the performance as ascertained in a public examination by a board of at least two teachers.

The main exam sessions are held in June/July, September, and January/February; students may resit exams**.

An overall mark is given on the occasion of the ‘Final Exam’, when a written research text is presented and discussed. The final overall mark is calculated based on the results of the marks obtained in the single course units and the final exam, and is based on 110 possible points, with the possible further mention of honours (“lode” or cum laude).

Rules for Final exam [ITA]

**The exam sessions are organised into sessions (the dates vary according to the Department and are published in the Department’s academic calendar). In each session there are a certain number of “appelli” [calls], or dates on which the examination for each course unit may be taken. The “appelli” are fixed by the teacher. The student chooses which of the “appelli” they wish to respond to. In most cases, it is obligatory to sign up before the specified date. Students can register for the exam sessions or the tests requested through the website "Valutami

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